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Working with us means working in a company with a friendly, employee-centric attitude. Our workers are at the centre of everything we do, as we know that by improving ourselves we can offer better solutions to our customers.


Thanks to our team, and company culture, we now have 15375 happy customers, selling 1.5 billion products, across 2000 global E-Commerce channels.


Everything we do at DataFeedWatch is designed to help online retailers with their goals. This may be selling more products, increasing their revenue, or improving their campaign performance on Amazon, Google, Facebook, or any number of other channels. 


Ready to participate in our mission? Find the position that best suits you, your skills, and your values. 


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Working in DataFeedWatch you will be part of a community of nearly 100 people with 15 nationalities, who enjoy working and lunching together and share similar values, as respect, trust and growth.

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Why DataFeedWatch?

Martin Ender

Country Manager DACH

Awesome work environment

E-Commerce was never as dynamic as it is right now. We at DataFeedWatch are happy to help thousands of companies and agencies to boost their daily business. With an awesome work environment you will also quickly become a family member of our company. Many people have joined us after working at great companies like Google, and decide to stay with us for many years.

Anna Hanarz

Senior Account Manager

Do meaningful things with great people!

Working in DataFeedWatch has been the BEST experience. For the first time in my career I get to contribute to major changes in a company. And I get to design our roadmaps and processes with a great bunch of specialists! The management team listens to our opinions and implements our feedback. We feel heard and supported, we have the freedom to experiment, the freedom to grow, and are encouraged to be creative!

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Our Culture

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Find the 11 keywords which describe our company’s culture. Check if they suit you because maybe you’re the missing piece we’ve been looking for.

Our Core Values

Our core values unite us as a company and shape who we are. There are 5 main values you’ll hear us talk about often.

Care about the customer

With everything that we do, we have the customer in mind.

Team Up

Working together is more fun and gets us better results. We connect with humorand respect.

Move fast and don’t be afraid to fail

Better done than perfect. Failure is part of trying.


We grow DataFeedWatch by helping merchants grow. We grow ourselves with knowledge, curiosity and creativity.

Take the initiative

We are pro-active and persistent in making sure that we get things done.

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How we hire

We have a thorough process to ensure that we really get to know you and vice versa. We do that in 5 steps:

  • Screening call

    We'll chat for 30-45 minutes to get a first impression and to explain the job in a bit more detail.

  • WHO interview

    We'll take a few hours to talk about your past career and use that to really get to know YOU.

  • Focused interview

    This conversation will focus on the job itself. We tell you all you want to know and match it with your experience and skills. We will also check if you fit culturally with our company.

  • References (optional)

    A 10 minute call to a former colleague to see if they are as excited about you as we are :-)

  • Job offer

    After successfully completing the entire recruitment process, we will send you a job offer and wait for your acceptance.